Company History
Our Mission
Company History Background

Our company was established in 1997 with the product range of sheet metal , rubber , plastic mould tooling and had started its production field at the Bursa Küçük Sanayi Industrial Zone.
In later years the expansion of the process of concentration has continued with sheet metal and aluminium forming tooling ,at the same time we had developed and to installed welding center fitting, assembly lines.
With the knowledge of the unconditional customer satisfaction İzmakpar had accomplished its mission with this purpose we had settled the necessary technical infrastructure following this concept well-qualified manpower ,latest technology as a total with high quality we had targeted and suceeded in export activities.
Our company is certified with ISO / TS 16949 ve ISO 9001/2000 and our labratories are approved by OEM s.

İzmakpar / Tarihçe

Our company has relocated to Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Industrial Zone in 2001 and also recieved its trademark registration certificate.
Izmakpar is open to any kind of technological improvements following this aspect we continue with an experienced and qualified staff. Izmakpar gives customers the best solutions and services with a machine track also completes this design actions with 3D pc source.
Our company answers customer satisfactions by being prompt and dynamic with the qualifications of given qualified products ,competitive prices and meets the achieved philosophy.
Izmakpar is proceeding its production activities and giving service to its customers in a closed area of 40.000 m² with tooling production,metal fabrication,sheet metal forming,welding ,assembling and electrostatic powder paint division. Izmakpar is delivery directly to the productions lines of the customers. We are exporting to lots of European countries (Germany,France etc.) and also to North and South America.